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Web Hosting & SEO Services

Web Hosting

Web Space is a small portion of a web server owned or rented by a web hosting company. This process of transferring a website into server web space is Web Hosting.

Web hosting is basically a web space service provider. Factors to be considered while buying web space are Server Softwares, Space and Capacity.

The common server types are Windows 2000, Unix and Linux. Disk space or Web Space is the size of space allotted on a particular server for uploading the web pages and Band Width is an amount of transfer from the web server thro internet. For a basic website, there is no need to bother about server type, disk space and band width, but if a website has data base then server type is very important as database support depends on its type. For example, a website with MS SQL database cannot be store in Linux Server but only in the Windows server.

Different types of web hosting packages available based on customers need
  • Dedicated Hosting is expensive however very secure and highly recommended for websites with huge traffic /having e-Commerce Shopping
  • Shared Hosting is competitively priced where thousands of websites will be hosted and they share the same server and its features and works great for websites without any commerce / performance need
  • Co-Located web hosting is similar to dedicated hosting. Instead of having a own server can be rented out and to take responsibility of maintaining the server completely like except electricity, storage and internet facility.
  • Free Hosting is available based on promotions and often recommended for temporary sites/news casts.
  • Reseller Hosting which is similar to shared hosting with additional features of extra tools in order to Re-Sell the serer or web space into many units to the end users under their own brand name.
SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a process of making a website or a portal to be Search Engine Friendly, to bring that particular website or a portal with the Top Ranking on a Search Engine Ranking Page ( SERP ) as top as possible for a query raised while surfing. This drives more traffic to the website and in turn increase customers to the portal. This is very key for driving growth to a business.